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bSkilled brings to everyone the opportunity to growth their business for FREE, all you require is to add your price to an existing listed item and have the value in Tether [ $t ] in your wallet to guarantee bSkilled escrow service for buyer protection.

If you do not own Tether [ $t ] or can't effort to buy, that shouldn't be a problem for you to start your business! bSkilled App generates for you the Tether [ $t ], all its require is you to share your computer resources.

Simple, transparent, secure

With the power of Blockchain transactions, online commerce will never be the same! Join now has pioneer in the decentralization market with the bSkilled App.

Guaranteed no monthly fees, always have secure transactions and there is Seller protection.

Powerful tools

Manage your business anywhere with the bSkilled Mobile App, you can list your item anywhere you are and also manage all your sells in your smart phone!

Tools designed for every stage of your business’s growth—no matter how big your ambitions. More advanced tools will be implemented and will always be FREE to use.

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Talk to us by reaching our support staff by email or request a phone call whenever you have a question.

Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about selling on bSkilled

+How do fees work on bSkilled Open Market?

Joining and starting has seller on bSkilled is FREE. The listing fee is also FREE, transaction fee is FREE, and a payment processing fee is FREE.

+What do I need to become a seller?

It's easy to start selling on bSkilled. Download the bSkilled App and create your account (if you don’t already have one). After that process any listed item you can also sell it for any price, all you required is to have enough Tether [ $t ] that match the bSkilled selling price to guarantee the buyer protection program with the escrow service.

+What can I sell on Market?

bSkilled provides a marketplace in the electronics universe mainly for gamers. All items you find listed you can also sell. If you can't find an item that you own and think it should be listed, please do not hesitate to contact us!

+How do I get paid?

After successfully buying process you'll get into your balance the Tether [ $t ] from the buyer, and also unlock the Tether [ $t ] that guarantee the escrow service. You can then exchange for any digital currency available in our exchange.

+How does bSkilled protect sellers?

Not only buyer has protection, but Seller also has protection is a program that offers you peace of mind in the event of a transaction dispute. First, we always guarantee that the buyer has the Tether [ $t ] enough for your item. bSkilled also has a buying process where buyer and seller have an open channel of communication and If you are unable to resolve a disagreement with a buyer and the transaction meets eligibility requirements, bSkilled will help you resolve the issue through our dispute resolution system.

+Do I need a credit or debit card to become a seller?

No, a credit, debit card or other electronic payments such has paypal are required. To become a seller all you require is the Tether [ $t ] to ensure the escrow service provided by bSkilled. No charges will occur for publish your listings.

Still have more questions?

Feel free to contact us.