ʂkillZ Token

  • 2012

    ʂkillZ token is first seen and used to reward loyalty bSkilled Twitch viewers

  • 2017

    Studies begin to create token Blockchains technologies such has Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO and Ravencoin

  • 2018

    Token ʂkillZ is created on Ravencoin TestNet Network.

    Tests to use public Blockchain Technology based on Ravencoin Network. Decision was made based on decentralization technology used and simplicity for users to individually trade.

  • 2019

    Build in exchange allow user to trade with different digital currencies, such has Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Ravencoin

    Open Market exclusive for ʂkillZ owners with escrow protection is launched

  • Future Plans

    Total amount of ʂkillZ token expected to be fully distributed

    bSkilled Decentralized App backed up with a private Proof of Stake Blockchain technology

The Token

ʂkillZ is a digital stable token based on Blockchain Technology. Its purpose is to become a universal currency for billions of users worldwide, to empower both large and small business, traders and sellers in order to further propel the 21+ billion dollar online industry. Main goal is to provide the wide adoption of decentralized digital currencies as a better alternative to government-issued fiats with a user friendly way to use.

Digital Stable Token

​The digital coin ʂkillZ will be backed by the fiat currency ( Euro ), which provides individuals and organizations with a robust and decentralized method of exchanging value while using a familiar accounting unit.

The innovation of blockchain technology is an auditable and cryptographically secured global ledger. The Asset­backed coin issuers and other market participants can take advantage of blockchain technology, along with embedded consensus systems, to transact in familiar, less volatile currencies and assets.

In order to maintain accountability and to ensure stability in exchange price, we propose a method to maintain a one­to­one reserve ratio between a digital coin, called ʂkillZ, and its associated real­world asset, fiat currency Euro.

The method will involve different digital currencies in order that audit methods prove that issued tokens are fully backed and reserved at all times.

Getting ʂkillZ

Initially it'll be generated 21,000,000,000 tokens which can be obtained in 2 ways: generated or traded.

Generated: Users can get ʂkillZ from the bSkilled App using their computer resources. It will introduce a new Proof of Maturation system which consist in rewarding a user after reaching a certain value.

Traded: bSkilled App will also include an internal exchange, where users can obtain ʂkillZ from trading with other digital coins, such has Bitcoin, but also users can trade between each other with instant payment transactions and (really!) low fees.

Each ʂkillZ token will always worth 1 Euro in the bSkilled Market while working has centralized point, which will be until the TOTAL SUPPLY is not fully distributed.

There will not be any ICO.


There will be different types of usage for ʂkillZ. The main support will be obtained with the bSkilled App which will accept payment for its items with the token.

The bSkilled Market will provide also a fully escrow service were sellers are paid in ʂkillZ. All this ecosystem will be present in the bSkilled App.

However it can be used in other different ways, since it's decentralized public Blockchain Technology, users can trade between each other using the wallet software.

Future - A Private Distributed Eco System

Soon all 21,000,000,000 tokens are mature the system will migrate from Token and starts acting has a digital currency.

The price of ʂkillZ will NO LONGER be attached to any STABLE coin since it's 100% decentralized on its own private Blockchain ledger based on PROOF OF STAKE.

The exchange between the Token and the Digital Coin will occur in 1:1 ratio.

bSkilled Eco System main features:
..Open Source
..Public Open Market
..Decentralized Exchange
..Protected Escrow Services
..Desktop and Mobile Friendly
..InterPlanetary File System
..Fully PRIVATE transactions
..Wallet Management for different digital coins

bSkilled Eco System will also introduces a new Peer Nodes concept. It's features consist in:
..confirm transactions
..get paid by computing sharing
..keep the network up and data immutable
..different actors (storage, computing and networking)
..weight on voting system ( ex: add new items to the open market )
..requires to have at least minimum of 100 ʂkillZ and be online in the network with more than 180 days with 95% network availability