Frequently Asked Questions

+What is bSkilled?

bSkilled is an open market exclusive for digital currencies mainly focus on electronic industry, such has pc or console video games. More information please read here.

+What is the bSkilled App?

Is a software distributed by bSkilled which has 3 main functions.

  • In a easy and simple way create ʂkillZ by using computer resources using a process called "mining"
  • A market for it users trade any item with escrow protection from bSkilled Staff
  • A digital wallet to hold or trade ʂkillZ between its users

+What are ʂkillZ?

It'll be the supported digital currency created by the bSkilled App to make purchases in the market. It's a token created on a Blockchain Network, a sub type of digital currency available in digital form (in contrast to physical, such as banknotes and coins). It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies, but can allow for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership. More information please read here.

+How I can create ʂkillZ with my computer?

If you own one of the latest GPU from NVIDIA or ATI, you are eligible to start the process to obtain the token. All it's required is that you share your computer resources when you are not using it, which is automatic handle by the bSkilled App.

+How much worth 1 ʂkillZ?

1 ʂkillZ will always worth 1 Euro in the bSkilled Market.

+Where can I use my ʂkillZ?

In the bSkilled App there is a build in market where you can use your ʂkillZ in a fully secured and protected way. No credits cards, paypal or skrill account required.

ʂkillZ use decentralized Blockchain techonology, which means that can also be used outside bSkilled App in any place that accept it such has decentralized exchanges or other shops. You can deposit or withdraw your ʂkillZ, this feature is being developed.

+Can I buy or sell ʂkillZ?

Yes. There will be an exchange system in the bSkilled App where any user can buy or sell for Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

+How the open market works?

The market is available in the bSkilled App and any user can buy or sell items using ʂkillZ with fully escrow service that are available on the catalog.

+Can I sell for FREE my items on the market?

Yes! All items listed within the catalog will have the option for you to sell it for any price you desire. However the escrow protection service will lock the required ʂkillZ based on the bSkilled Market price. It means that if the item is listed for 10 ʂkillZ, you can sell it cheaper, let us say 8 ʂkillZ, however you'll required 10 ʂkillZ per item to sell, which will be "locked" until the purchase process is complete.

+How does the escrow service works? Are my ʂkillZ protected?

Yes, bSkilled always guaranteed your item, if you try to buy an item from one seller that doesn't fulfill or doesn't match the product you are acquiring, the bSkilled will stand and will provide you with the desired item.

This is possible because of the system for the sellers to be eligible to sell their items. Sellers always have to own the ʂkillZ required to sell their items. This way we guaranteed our items available to sell.

+How long takes to delivery a digital item?

It can take between 1 Hour to 12 Hours depending on the seller working hours. If the 12 Hours pass, bSkilled Staff will handle the process.

bSkilled Staff working hours are between 8 AM to 8 PM GMT/UTC Timezone.

+How to install ORIGIN game?

For new users make your registration through the Online webpage;
Do your download of the ORIGIN plataform from Electronic Arts at;
Start your ORIGIN and insert the product CD-KEY;
Download the game and start playing!

+How to install STEAM game?

For new users make your registration through the Online webpage;
Do your download of the STEAMN plataform from Valve at;
Start your STEAM and insert the product CD-KEY;
Download the game and start playing!

+How to install BATTLE NET game?

For new users make your registration through the Online webpage;
Open BATTLE NET webpage and insert your product CD-KEY;
Download the game and start playing!