About bSkilled

  • 2004

    bSkilled start operating has game service provider with Nos TvTel - Portuguese Internet Service provider

    Brand is created and domains bskilled.com, bskilled.net and bskilled.org are acquired.

  • 2005

    bSkilled Brand Patent is obtained from Portugal

    Several Portuguese electronic sports teams are sponsored. One of the most relevant was "Exotic Island" which was the best Counter-Strike Portuguese Team. It had on its roster Ricardo "foxj" Pacheco, one of the best player in the world

  • 2007

    bSkilled TV Show is available on Nextv and Youtube channel. The first episode was interviewed Gaspar "Hypno" Machado, a portuguese top first person shooter dueler in the world. Can be reviewed in Youtube

  • 2008

    Online Store is created with different digital items for pc and consoles

    Forums and Community Blog are launched

  • 2012

    Live Streams on Twitch starts

    ʂkillZ token is first seen and used to reward viewers

    Creation of the first of a kind alerts for twitch with iPlayStream (iPS technology)

  • 2013

    Blockchain research and development starts to find potentials use

  • 2018

    bSkilled deploys BETA Open Market - the first ever created full ecosystem build with Blockchain technology

    Token ʂkillZ is created with Blockchain Network has digital currency of bSkilled

  • 2019

    Build in exchange allow user to exchange digital currencies ( Bitcoin, ʂkillZ and more to be announced )

    Open Market exclusive for ʂkillZ owners with escrow protection is launched

  • 2020

    bSkilled Decentralized App backed up with Blockchain technology is released

  • 2022

    Total amount of ʂkillZ token are fully distributed

bSkilled Market

Intended to conquer the trust of the most demanding gamers all over the world, the long experience possessed in the electronic game industry, has created a solid structure that reaches Gamers of all ages.

The objective is simple, how do we reach it?! With the best offers and prices from a market. The effort of a team dedicated to provide the best service you can find in the INTERNET.

We are on the web market since 2004

Initially the project design was to provide support to the enthusiasts and the ones who were curious about the electronic game communities. We created several portals, blogs and a tv show always having electronic games entertainment has the main theme.

The time brought resources and tools to deliver so many more to the industry, and thanks to all our fan base the conditions to create so much more.

Gamers could attend to bSkilled on line and off line events with different prizes ( money and other electronic equipment ).

The Past, The Present and the Future.

bSkilled presence on the Internet was made in many ways. However stop is not an option and a new step is now given by presenting a new Open Market using the latest and emerging technology - The Blockchain.

With the emerging technology Blockchain, bSkilled will provide the tools for an open market, giving use to ʂkillZ coin which can be obtain, traded and accessed by everyone in a easy way just by using the bSkilled App.

bSkilled App provide severals ways to access the token ʂkillZ which can be used in many ways such in App purchases. You can create ʂkillZ by sharing computing resources or acquire in any place since owners can exchange between them.

For more information regarding the ʂkillZ Token please follow this link

bSkilled Eco System

bSkilled is opening a new frontier for any user present their goods and services for FREE without paying extremely high FEES when deals are made.

A new way for every one in the world have access to online commerce in a secure and safe way.

No more currencies, or compromising data from credit cards is now a reality!

bSkilled Founder