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How It Works

Share your resources in exchange of the utility token ʂkillZ

Your computer will be providing power to the gamer decentralized market network with the help of Bitcoins, the "fuel" for the new digital economy!

No personal information will be shared or compromised from your computer, it's called distributed computing and works in automatic and simple way. While you are not playing games, your computer graphic processing unit (GPU) you will be shared to help secure decentralized networks.

For your efforts, bSkilled rewards users the utility token ʂkillZ, which can be used in the market to buy game cdkeys and other "in game" digital items such has pre paid game cards!

Visit the market to check all available items!

bSkilled App

The App is complete suite that contains a market* to get your games and a worker to handle the creation of yours ʂkillZ.
* While in development works in a centralized market


The Market is where you can securely store and use your generated ʂkillZ for available items.


The worker create ʂkillZ using your computer GPU. When playing games, it pauses to prevent game lag*
* While in BETA only a few games are supported

Download bSkilled App

The App has a complete Suite packed with the Market and the Worker

Please DOWNLOAD version based on your GPU Card.
Check this YOUTUBE video to know which GPU card you have.


DOWNLOAD 64bit Version RELEASE: 19 August 2018
Size: 168472723 bytes (160 MB)
SHA256: 3C59169F74B1EBC435283A06E239B45889756790C4FBB011E4C46FBED1A10749

Setup bSkilled App

The current configuration for bSkilled App is straightforward.

  1. Download bSkilled App
  2. Extract files from ZIP
  3. Run bskilled.exe from the directory
  4. Activate your bSkilled App using your email
  5. After Login it will automatic start creating ʂkillZ. It PAUSES when you are in game*
  6. Collect ʂkillZ and trade them for items!

While in BETA be aware that you can find bugs which you can report anytime in app using the support option, under the settings menu.

If you want further details regarding the tasks your bSkilled App will be performing to create ʂkillZ please check this article in wikipedia

*While in BETA only a few games are supported

Recommended System

WINDOWS 7+ 64 Bits
NVIDIA GTX GPU Average time* for 30 ʂkillZ working 24x7*
960/1060 7-9 weeks
970/1070 5-7 weeks
980/1080 4-6 weeks
980ti/1080ti/2080 3-5 weeks
2080ti 2-4 weeks
ATI RX GPU Average time* for 30 ʂkillZ working 24x7
470/570 8-10 weeks
480/580 7-9 weeks
VEGA 56 4-6 weeks
VEGA 64 3-5 weeks
*Average time is based on many conditions, such bitcoin market changes and how your computer is performing. Other GPU's models can also work but aren't RECOMMENDED!


Application screenshots

Login Screen

Register your application

bSkilled App

All his required is a valid email so your generated ʂkillZ and your trades will be related to your account.


Order Confirmation

bSkilled App

When you redeem a item feel free to send a feedback message =)


Orders history

bSkilled App

You can review all the orders you had made, also details on much ʂkillZ you had used and the status to see when its delivered to your mail.



bSkilled App

In the Market section you can check your account details and also choose the available items to redeem!



bSkilled App

Contains all the required information and controls for your worker. Current Status(Working/Pause), progress to acquire selected item and controls to disable when game is detected


Contact Staff

bSkilled App

Get the latest version or send message to staff directly inside of the application!

What Users Are Saying

Author image

Finally a easy way to mine cryptocurrencies and make use of them! Keep up the good work and add some more items to trade.

Abyss Discord Community
Author image

At start was a bit afraid for using, but after some reading how ʂkillZ are generated I cleared my doubts. Happy for using

Paraflow Discord Community
Author image

I use to leave my computer on while I make my download from Bittorrent, now I can get FREE games! Nice =)

Jigoku Discord Community
Author image

I'm happy to be a early alpha user of the application, it has enormous potential in the Blockchain universe

BigBoss Discord Community

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